Matt Wells’ “Least” Important NSD At Texas Tech, Art Briles Publicly Shamed Again & Why The Southern Miss HC Should Be Fired – The Wednesday Broadcast From Raiderland!

February 6, 2019

Even getting cut-off late in the Broadcast we get in a few thoughts today from Raiderland! We look at why this NSD doesn’t and does matter for new Texas Tech Football Coach Matt Wells. After that it’s on to another sad chapter in the Art Briles saga. This time repudiated by Southern Miss after the folks in charge realized they were talking to “that” Art Briles. Why do we think…


Why Kingsbury Will/Won’t Win In The NFL, Your Questions & Comments & More – The Wednesday Broadcast

January 9, 2019

Can Kliff Kingsbury win at Arizona? Can he do in the NFL what he couldn’t do at Texas Tech? Here’s our thoughts on why he can and why he won’t. Enjoy. Comment. Share. Watch on #Periscope: Why #Kingsbury can/can’t win with Cardinals. #TexasTech MBB & the UT hex, your questions, comm…— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) January 10, 2019


R&D Podcast: Great Texas Tech Moments From 2018 & 5 Wicked True-False Questions On 2019. With KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier, It’s Like Egg Nog But Better!

December 31, 2018

It’s the final R&D Podcast for 2018. We look back on a fine year for Texas Tech and we look ahead with some bold predictions for 2019. Enjoy responsibly. Then enjoy again, and again and again! Happy New Year from us at Raiderland including KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier. Watch him on TV!


The Wednesday Broadcast: Live From 4OREGolf! Texas Tech NSD Notes, Tech Vs Duke Preview & Your Questions!

December 19, 2018

A big day for Matt Wells and Texas Tech Football. What went right and why. After that it’s three huge factors on what Texas Tech has to do to beat Duke. Beyond that a lot of your questions and much more.  Click on the link below. Then we ask you do three things!  Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends.  Watch on #Periscope: #TexasTech V Duke, football signing day, your questions…


The Tuesday Broadcast: Winning West Texas, Texas Tech Men’s Basketball & History, Your Questions & More

December 11, 2018

We hit on a lot of stuff Tuesday, so get ready. From Texas Tech football recruiting and Winning West Texas to how Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Chris Beard understands history and isn’t afraid to embrace it. Add in some great questions from you folks and we’ve got a solid broadcast for a Tuesday.  As always, we ask you to do a few things. First, Enjoy. Second, Comment. Third, Share…


Inside The Mind Of A Heisman Trophy Voter – A Special R&D Podcast Featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier

December 8, 2018

Welcome to a Special Edition of our weekly R&D Podcast (Little Research, No Development) with KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier. Here on a snowy Saturday night in West Texas, we visited with Collier about being a Heisman Trophy voter, how he became one, the process involved and much more about how he goes about putting together his ballot each year. Are there votes he’d like to have back?  Are…