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11/6/23: Tuesday’s Best – Cool Dudes In Sports, Best Appetizers All-Time, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Texas Tech Soccer, McGuire’s Madonna Tribute And The Old Abandoned, Old Abandoned Amusement Park.

Is anyone cool anymore? […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Ask About Our Lunch Specials): Texas Tech Football, #AskCoachHyatt, Bandwagon Wednesday, Congress+NCAA+NIL= Stupidity In Action. Great Comments & Questions From Awesome Viewers!

Congress and the NCAA should be a weekly reality show! […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Objects In Mirror Larger Than They Appear): Tuesday’s Best – All Time Assistant Texas Tech Coaches, What’s Underrated This Week Plus Moderately Amazing Comments And Questions.

“Did anyone mention Bill Parcells…..” […]

College Sports

Daily Broadcast(Images In Mirror Larger Than They Appear): What’s More West Texan? What Keeps You From Loving College Sports? Texas Tech Air Raiders Roll. Tech NIL Deals Revealed And Tech MBB Gets A Nice Schedule From Big 12!

Make up your mind already! It’s Either/Or Thursday. […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(VIDEO-IN COLOR!!!): Big 12 Gets Paid, Looking For More. Pac 12 Gets…Substantive Framework = NADA. SDSU Tells Pac 12, “We’ll Just Go Back To Our Old Lover – If She’ll Take Us Back”. A Busy Way To End The Month.

The Big 12 is ruthless. […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): TCU Hanging In There At CWS, Downing Jello-Shots For The Big 12. Raiderland Helmet Stickers. Texas Tech FB/MBB Recruiting Hot As The Weather. It Had To End This Way For Bob Huggins. Here’s Why. . .

Live from the Arctic Air Studios. You may need the Bear this week. If so, you know what to do! ! Brought to you in part tonight by Abuelo’s. Make every day Taco Tuesday! […]