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3/26/24: Tuesday’s Best, Texas Tech Baseball, Raiderland Hot-Links Former Red Raider Gets The Call To The Bigs, Howard Cosell & Tough Texas Kids

Brought to you in part by Lifts West Hotel And Condominium in Red River, New Mexico. The summer fishing and hiking season is right around the corner so make your reservations now! Happy Tuesday, y’all! […]

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3/19/24: Tuesday’s Best – NCAA Upsets , Texas Tech Baseball Mid-Week, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Awesome West Texas Sunrise, George W. Bush, Nancy Reagan And Joe Kapp

Brought to you in part by Gator’s Bayou, 98th and Slide. Hot cajun food, cold drinks and a patio built for West Texas Spring days and evenings! Happy Tuesday, y’all! We’ve got some Texas Tech […]

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3/12/24: Tuesday’s Best, Texas Tech MBB Seed Watch, Tech Baseball, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Josh Jung, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder & Joe Ely

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. The Official Delivery Pizza Of Raiderland! Happy Tuesday, Y’all! It’s conference tournament week, we’ve got a weekend of Big 12 Baseball under our belts and a Tuesday […]

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2/26/24: Helmet Sticker Day, Texas Tech Baseball Rolling, Horns Coming To Town, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring 182 Texas Rangers Homers, The BT Express, Bonanza Theme Song Has Lyrics & Butch Hancock Live

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. It’s Monday. Pizza makes Monday better. It’s science. Happy Monday, y’all! Time to crank out the final week of February. We’ve got 75 degrees this week in […]

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2/21/24: Overrated, Underrated, Rated Right Wednesday, Texas Tech MBB Finds A Way Against The Frogs, Tech Baseball Routs UTA, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Tech’s Big Night, Coach On “Cheers”, 9 1/2 Weeks And Waymore’s Liquor Store

Brought to you in part by The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern. Amazing food, original cocktails and a fun setting. 103rd & Quaker in Lubbock. Fun for weekend brunch or to take in a Texas Tech […]

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Daily Broadcast: Sports That Would Be Better If We Tore Up The Rule Book And Started Over! Live Texas Tech Baseball Updates Vs UTA, Preview Of Tech MBB Vs TCU In Large Big 12 Match-Up

Brought to you in part by Boot City. Nearly Spring and time to update that wardrobe. Head out to West 19th and Loop 289 then go one Money Saving Mile West! Golf? NFL? NASCAR? NBA? […]

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2/20/24: Tuesday’s Best – Sports That Need Rules Re-Writes, Texas Tech MBB Vs TCU, Afternoon Baseball & Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Tadlock, Tractors, Trucks, BasketBrawl, NFL History & John Baumann Talkin’ Bout Midland

Brought to you in part by South Plains College. The Road To Raiderland Runs Through Levelland! Happy Tuesday, y’all! Is it really gonna be 77 today in West Texas? Is it really gonna hit 80 […]

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2/16/24: What’s The Most Texan Thing You Did This Week, Welcome Back Texas Tech Baseball, Big Weekend For Red Raider Hoops, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Tons Of Baseball, Mesquite Trees, Brits & The Alamo Plus Cory Morrow Goes Time Travelin’

Brought to you in part by South Plains College. Tons of great Red Raiders started off as great Texans. The Road To Raiderland Runs Through Levelland! Happy Friday Y’all! Happy Opening Day everyone! One of […]