Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Strangest Place You’ve Met A Fellow Texas Tech Fan Or West Texan? PGA Vs LIVGolf. PGA Running Scared? Hyatt’s Son Has A New Job – Restaurant Industry Watch Out! Your Great Comments And Questions Featured As Well!

What exactly is the PGA really scared off right now from LIVGolf? […]

Texas Tech

Notebook Wagering Podcast: Ryan Hyatt Was The Guest This Week With The Notebook Crew. Lots Of College Baseball, Big 12, West Texas Wisdom And More. A Lot Of Fun. Give It A Listen And A Share!

Y’all click this link for the podcast and give it a listen! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/college-sports-w-ryan-hyatt/id1545671432?i=1000563797709


A Hat-Tip To Farmers. Why Do They Keep Battling Against All Odds? Just Be Glad They Do… – George Thatcher. (Pray For Rain)

Brought to you in part by The Shropshire Agency. Locally owned and independent, just like West Texans. 65 years and growing, working for you and your business! Why do They Keep Farming? Despite all the […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Some Folks Don’t Deserve To Live In West Texas, Cheap Trick’s Greatest Song, Three Things That Wouldn’t Be Happening If Donald Trump Were President Of The United States, Why Men Don’t Reorganize Things Plus Who’ll Get Into Your Wallet First…

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