Texas Tech Football Changes Tap Into Tradition – Best Texas Tech Football Uniforms All-Time

It got lost in the shuffle of the NCAA Baseball Regional last week, but Texas Tech showed they’re getting back to tradition. Last week, Tech released a “hype video” that showcased the new font being used on the field at Jones Stadium as well as a peak at some uniforms that seem to indicate they’ll be using the same font on Tech’s jerseys.

That would be a huge win for those who value tradition at Texas Tech.

For the last decade or so, Texas Tech has sold out it’s traditional image to Under Armour. The Texas Tech “look” was given over to UA and whatever high-school art student they hired who was designing uniforms, logos and helmet designs.

Hopefully those days are over. Hopefully Texas Tech A.D. Kirby Hocutt is reclaiming the brand for Texas Tech and bending UA to the Red Raiders’ will instead of being a product-whore for UA. . .  We hope.

So, as Texas Tech returns to a more traditional “Block” look for lettering and more; let’s talk about the greatest Texas Tech Football Uniforms of All-Time. There are a few to choose from and yes, there is a traditional look for Texas Tech, no matter how much Mike Leach and other coaches want to claim there isn’t.

Let’s Rank ‘Em!

  1. The 1938 Elmer Tarbox-led Red Raiders. This look can never be duplicated on modern uniforms and it damn near defies description. Stripes. Colors. Satin. Scarlet, black and white. Throw in a leather helmet with a Double T stenciled on the front and these guys not only won 10 games but they set a uniform standard that can never be equaled. You had to be a man and a tough one at that to wear these in public.
  2. 1964. Donny Anderson. Tom Wilson. J.T. King’s squad had one of the best looks of all-time. With the stripes on the sleeves of the uniform to the solid black helmet with the Block Double T, to the pants with the skinny black and red strips on white; this is the best modern look of all-time for Texas Tech. These were work clothes in 1964. The Block “Texas Tech” appears on the front of the jersey here on the road whites in black with red numbers  and even the road red britches were solid looks. Football playing material.
  3. 1976. The helmet is black again after the Jim Carlen era but the traditional Double T is there with stripes added. I’m not a fan of the stripes but it was the 70’s, what are you gonna do. The sleeves have lost the cool stripes but the scarlet tops with white numbers over white pants with black and red stripes is still the traditional look. Again, it reads “Texas Tech” in a block front across the front as it has since 1960 and the entrance to the SWC. Tradition.
  4. 1993. After wandering the wilderness during the Jerry Moore years, Texas Tech has ditched the Oakland Raider knock-off uniforms and Spike Dykes brings back the scarlet over white look for Texas Tech. Spike also ditches the stripes on the helmet given Texas Tech it’s purest look since the J. T. King era. The pants have no stripes but it’s made up for by the classic helmet look. Bam Morris, Robert Hall and Lloyd Hill make these uniforms look good. A young Zach Thomas will also wear it more than a few times.
  5. 1980. Ron Reeves and Gabe Rivera don a busy but traditional uniform for Texas Tech this season. Stripes galore. But still, Texas Tech in block on the front and the scarlet over white pants works. At this time Tech was handing out helmet stickers with the Masked Rider on them. Big. Circular. White. It was like Ohio State but … not. Stripes on the socks, stripes on the pants. It would be about the last time you’d see Tech in this look for a decade after Jerry Moore decided to patter the Tech uniforms after his beloved Oakland Raiders and their “Comittment to Excellence” thing. Sadly, he committed to below-average. Even on the uniform front.

OK, there’s our look at our Top 5 All-Time uniforms for Texas Tech Football. Give us your Top 5 and let us know what looks you like and don’t like. I rail against those who say Texas Tech doesn’t have tradition and doesn’t have iconic looks. It does. The Double T has actually been on Tech uniforms longer than the “OU” logo has for the Sooners or the “Longhorn” logo has for Texas. You can go back to leather helmet days and see pictures of the “TT” logo imprinted there. That’s tradition my friends and it should never be messed with.

If I were Kirby Hocutt, I’d politely tell all my coaches you don’t get to choose the “look” for Texas Tech. It’s established and it should be celebrated and sustained. As for a simple uniform maker having a say… please… Stop.


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  1. The 3D Double T is a great look. It looks a hell of a lot better than the old block Double T. I cannot stand the ‘alternate’ uniforms and prefer we stick with black, red and white. Other schools force wear black jerseys as an alternate, and we have black as a color. Anyway, no Hombre uniforms, no white or red helmets, but keep the #D Double T.

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