Texas Tech Football Scrimmage Overreaction & Why College Football Should Play Preseason Games – The R&D Podcast In Living Color

This week’s R&D Podcast (No Research, Little Development) with Ryan Hyatt and KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier dares to go where no sports analyst should ever go. They try and come up with concrete, definitive statements regarding what happened at Texas Tech Football’s scrimmage this weekend. Obviously they are brave men.

In addition, Hyatt asks why college football can’t have preseason games like the NFL? Texas Tech scrimmages New Mexico and you might learn something. Heck, even Tech vs WTSU. (It’s always WTSU in Raiderland…)

Rumor has it David Collier does a quick breakdown of the latest Game Of Thrones episode, but Hyatt passed out during that part so it’s hard to tell.


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