Texas Tech Hires Utah State’s Matt Wells – What’s Next For Red Raider Football And What Was The Reaction In Utah

Texas Tech Athletics made it official on Thursday with the hiring of Matt Wells as the new head coach of the Red Raider Football program. Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt made the announcement after three days of speculation in the wake of the dismissal of Kliff Kingsbury.


Wells will bring both his Offensive Coordinator David Yost and Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson from the Cache Valley in hopes to elevate the program to elite status. Yost is currently a semi-finalist for the Broyles Award which awards the best assistant coach in college football. Patterson has extensive Power Five experience and experience in Texas and Oklahoma high school football.


The next steps for Wells and company is building a staff, recruiting before the early signing period, and winning over a salty and indignant fan base on the South Plains. The staff will come together because Texas Tech is an attractive destination and it has some of the best facilities in the country so they can bring in good assistant coaches who fit the program.


The local reaction in Utah has been nothing but glowing reviews for Matt Wells and his crew when it was finally reported that their was interest from Texas Tech. Scott Garrard, play by play for Utah State and host on The Zone Sports Network in Utah, gave great thoughts on Matt Wells Thursday afternoon.







Utah State Athletic Director John Hartwell thanked Wells and his wife Jen for their, “significant contributions to Utah State University. Matt and his staff did an outstanding job of making Aggie Football one of the best programs in the West. This is a special place and I am as excited as ever about our bright future.”


Most of the reactions from Aggie fans are disappointment, but also it was expected for Wells to leave because of his success in Logan. What is next for Utah State? They have a bowl game this next month and a coaching search to keep building on the success of Wells and his predecessor Gary Anderson. If my judgement of the USU leadership is accurate they will find a great coach to succeed Wells and continue their climb in the West.


The social media outcry and kvetching about the Wells hire from some Red Raider fans and message board gangs will go away soon enough because successful programs like Men’s Basketball and Baseball will distract them. Most of those angry about the hiring, to paraphrase Jed Bartlet, have a .22 caliber minds in a .380 world.


Spring Football drills are closer than we think and the season opener is September 7th in Lubbock with Montana State. Pro-tip: avoid the grease fires online and go about living your life because Kirby Hocutt knows how to do his job better than Joe Tech Fan.

-Special Contributor Allen Corbin

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