Texas Tech Takes Big 12 Basketball Title, Culture Wins – Roundball Rewind

Chris Beard continues to show how Culture matters and why Texas Tech fans should never limit their expectations.

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Who will the the Top 10 Raiderland Influencers today?!!!!

“Those who stay, get rewarded”. – #TexasTech MBB takes #Big12 title. Culture wins. #WreckEm https://t.co/Em0PKjn01a— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) March 9, 2019

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  1. Burning boats-
    What if Cortes was just really, really seasick?
    “We have arrived in glorious New Spain, Capítan! What shall we do first?”

    “First thing, Teníente, put up my tent so I can sleep on dry land that doesn’t move!”

    “You do not wish to sleep in your cabin aboard the ship?”

    “Heavens no, Teníente. I will never willingly get on a ship again! You could set the damn things on fire for all I care!!”

    Later that night, “Híjolé, Teníente, what have you done??”

    “Well Capítan, at first I was confused, but then I realized how brilliant your strategy was, that burning the boats was the greatest motivation to the men!”

    “Holy shi…oh cra….ummm… my brilliant strategy, yes, strategy…,
    You were very wise to divine my plan, Teníente, you will go far! What have we got to drink around here? Whatever it is, I need a lot of it!”

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