The Daily Broadcast – 9/10/19 – Texas Tech Football, Best Chips And Salsa In Lubbock, Why Sept. 10, 2001 Matters

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  1. I was at the ‘89 Tech/ Texas game. It was awesome. Those teasips were dumbfounded. At one point it was third and 29 and I yelled at a friend, “Here it comes! This is our down!” And sure enough we threw for a touchdown. I think that was the third time that year we scored when it was 3rd and ridiculous.

    Second best road trip was Okla State, was it ‘88 or ‘89? First time I’d gone to a road game that we won. Only bad thing was that’s the game Anthony Lynn hurt his knee trying to fly over the pileup at the line down near the end zone. We were supposed to put the top on the Rec Center swimming pool, but it was too windy. So two other friends jumped in my car and we left Lubbock at 1:00 and made it to Stillwater. We missed kickoff but were in the stands for the first play from scrimmage. We’d have made kickoff, but obviously we didn’t have any pit stops on the way, so we were desperate for the bathroom. Then we drove all the way back to Lubbock, and helped put the top over the pool on Sunday.

    Casa Olé! Wasn’t that good, but my grad student wife and our baby girl and undergrad me could use those coupons and have the special and get out for about $10. Wow.

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