The Daily Broadcast: Lubbock I.S.D. Responds To Our Calling Out Their No Show/No Problem Policy, We Reply… MLB/Coronavirus Plus What The Big 12 Will Most Likely Do Over The Next Ten Day!

Lubbock I.S.D. Public Information Officer Jeff Klotzman responded on Facebook Monday to our broadcast from last Friday where we challenged Lubbock for allowing kids to pick and choose what they wanted to do. Afraid to go to Math class but want to play football? No problem.

That didn’t sit well with Lubbock, so they responded. We reply today.

I applaud Jeff Klotzman for at least responding and representing the will of the school district. It allows y’all to see what they think and why they think it. You can reply as well here on the site.

So, as always, we thank you for watching and we hope you’ll comment when you can and share this with your friends.