The Greatest Texas Tech Tradition And How To Bring It Back… The Tuesday Broadcast

It is quite simply, the greatest Texas Tech Tradition.
The Masked Rider on a jet-black quarter horse circling Jones Stadium, bringing the crowd to a frenzy.
For years that has been reduced to a mere farce of its former greatness. A run down the center of the field…then nothing. No runs after Texas Tech TD’s, that’s been long gone.

Today, we explain how and why Texas Tech can bring back the greatest tradition of all.

We put a man on the moon 49 years ago. I think we can make it where the Masked Rider can Ride Again!

Here’s the Tuesday broadcast from Raiderland. If you like it, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and more.

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  1. I so agree! When I was in school this always brought chills to me. Its greatly missed. I know losing one mascot to the freak accident was bad. I saw that too. It still should be brought back!

  2. I attended a high school football game about 15 years ago in Fort Morgan, Colorado. In the end zone was a large muzzle-loading cannon. Several men with a little age on them would load a packet of black powder and tamp it with toilet paper. When the home team scored there was a giant blast that would cause everyone to jump even though you could see the score and knew the fuse was about to be lit. Out, burst pieces of burning toilet paper across the endzone. The firing squad would reload and be ready for the extra point. Fort Morgan scored about 60 points that night and even though I was seated 70 yards away it took a while for my ears to normalize. Great fun. I am not completely sure there were not a few flask sips between the scores, but they were always ready to score again.

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