The Marlene Stollings Scouting Report – What Texas Tech Lady Raider Fans Should Expect From New Head Coach

There’s getting ready for the next game, and then there’s getting ready for the next coach.

For Texas Tech Lady Raider Basketball fans we checked-in with Minnesota Women’s Basketball play-by-play voice Corbu Stathes to get the break-down on new Tech HC Marlene Stollings.

What does she want to do with the Texas Tech offense? Is it really all about 3-pointers? What about defense? Those questions and a few more get answered by the man with a front-row seat these past few seasons on her work with the Gophers.

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  1. Loved this interview. It was great to hear more in-depth information on Stollings. Salivating thinking of a high tempo team that turns the ball over less. Tech can only go up!

    Thanks for the coverage!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate Corbu for taking the time to visit with us. Hope y’all give him a listen next year on their network. Good people!

  2. Nice Ryan, this was great info! On another note, I can’t seem to find out what players tech will have next year, as in who is still there, transferred and who has committed and still coming. Is there a list somewhere? Thanks! Excited about the team!

  3. Question: How can TT fire a football coach for “allegedly” abusing a player, and then, turn around and hire coaches in the women’s basketball program for EXACTLY the same thing?

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