The New Year’s Day Broadcast: What Texas Tech Basketball Needs To Do In Big 12 Play, LSU “Exposes” UCF, Sugar Bowl Preview & Your Questions.

Happy New Year everyone!

We hit the frozen ground running in 2019, taking a look at some critical numbers for Texas Tech men’s basketball. What do the Red Raiders need to do in Big 12 play to solidify their NCAA future? We explain that and take a look at some early projections for where they might end up in a couple of months in the Tournament.

After that it’s on to the New Year’s Day Bowl Games. LSU showed who UCF is with their 40-31 win. What is UCF? We explain.

We give your our thoughts on Texas and Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and how with think this game plays out. The money in the desert has been all over the place on this game the past few days. Georgia goes off as a favorite. How will they fare?

Add in our questions and a little recap of our New Year’s Eve party from last night and you’ve got your first Broadcast of the year from Raiderland! Click the link below and off you go!

As always, we ask you do three things for us!

Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends!

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