The Sunday Nightcap – Texas Tech Earns #3 Seed In NCAA Tourney – Faces SFA In Dallas, Tech Baseball Heads To Louisville, What We’re Reading & Listening To & More, With Special Guest David Collier

It’s the perfect way to finish off the weekend. Welcome to the Sunday Nightcap in Raiderland.

Usually a solo affair, KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier joins us for Part One tonight, recapping the afternoon he spent with Texas Tech HC Chris Beard and the Red Raider Basketball team as they found out they were heading to Dallas as the 3 seed to take on SFA in the NCAA Tournament.

We also look at how Tech got that 3 seed, the strength of the Big 12, how Tech matches up with SFA and some Red Raider Baseball.

But wait, there’s more.

If you order now you get Part Two of the Sunday Nightcap. It’s a little bit more on SFA HC Kyle Keller, some thoughts on Tiger Woods, the Cleveland Browns and Kevin Harvick plus what we are reading and listening to right now.

Settle back and enjoy the “Late” Nightcap with us!

(Both links are here, just scroll down a bit for part two)


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