The Texas Tech Lady Raider Search Rolls On – Latest Names To Emerge

When we last left the ongoing Texas Tech Lady Raider Basketball coaching search it looked like the top candidates were dropping out/turning down the job and that Tech A.D. Kirby Hocutt was going to have to go to page two or three of his playbook. That appears to be what is happening this week, with a slew of coaches set to visit with Hocutt between now and the end of the week according to our sources.

If experience and big winners were on the list last week, up-and-comers without major pedigrees and ties to the region seem to be the order of the day now.

We are hearing that the focus is now on at least three coaches, maybe more with the front-runner being current UTEP and former Angelo State coach Kevin Baker. After that it looks like New Mexico coach Mike Bradbury ( who was on our original potential target list in January ) and Western Illinois coach JD Gravina rounding out the known list.

Baker just wrapped up his first year at UTEP, going 17-14 (7-9 in C-USA). Before that Baker spent two years at Angelo State and was at UT-Tyler before that brief stint. For those wondering, his time at Angelo did not overlap with current Tech men’s head coach Chris Beard.

Bradbury got New Mexico into the WNIT this year before falling to TCU in the third round.

Gravina is an interesting choice, coming from the same league as former candidate Aaron Johnston of SDSU. The Leathernecks ( great nickname, named after a former student who made a fine hero for The Corp ) are an up-tempo, three-point oriented team. This past year they were 26-7, best record ever. They also fell in the WNIT, losing in the first round to Colorado State.

While there could be a few more conversations going on, it looks like for now these are the top three candidates this week. If Texas Tech wants to have a presser in Lubbock announcing a new coach it would most likely be Thursday or early Friday as many officials will be in Frisco this weekend for Tech spring football’s scrimmage at mini-Jerry World.

We expect to have much movement on this topic so check back during the day and we will also update you on our afternoon periscope broadcast. Follow us on Twitter at RyanHyattMedia for more information as well.


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    1. Agree, these coaches are not on the radar. I thought Whitaker was considered an up and comer too. No offense to Candi at all but we know there are solid head coaches we have heard of out there who would be interested

      1. Would hate for the Lobos to lose Mike, they play an exciting brand of ball. He beat the UTEP coach by 30 this year!

  1. Krista looks better than all of these candidates- she has as much experience and as good of a win/loss record as any of them. I don’t get it?!?!

  2. Hate to keep coming across as negative all the time on this topic, but: if Hocutt thinks any of these 3 (UTEP, UNM, and WIU) are “ready” & “able” to put out this “grease fire” ( I.e. – Hyatt), he is “lost deeper in the woods” than even I thought!! LOL

  3. I am a New Mexico lobos fan who is keeping up with the search not only as a fan of coach Bradbury but as a person who has known coach Sharp Curry Whitetaker. I have been a New Mexico fan for nearly 20 years. Been to Lubbock back in 2016 to see UNM play against Texas Tech love the United Supermarkets Arena big time!

    Now for my take on if you all want our coach Bradbury. Mike is someone I love as a coach friend and person. I have known coaches at UNM like Flanagan Sanchez and Bradbury. Sanchez wasn’t a good person nor fit at UNM in my eyes but Bradbury is my good friend. He restored my faith in UNM. His offense is suppose to be fast and up and coming. Goes from 15-15 to 25-11 to be 40-26 overall I love this man as a coach! He’s a great guy off the floor!

    FYI I hear UNMs season opener next year is @ TTU so I will see you all in Lubbock in November?

    1. Thanks for the perspective. He’s definitely my choice out of these three here. Have always loved the rivalry between Lady Lobos and Lady Raiders

  4. No I am not at all promoting Bradbury for Texas tech! I want him in Albuquerque for years to come! He deserves an interview at the least!

    1. The guy has won in three different places, in three different leagues. He’s clearly the best coach of these three.

  5. T Baker

    Bradbury hasn’t proven himself yet at UNM yes a WNIT round of 16 was great but we started 11-0 finished 25-11 and 6th in the MWC. Had a 17 point lead in the MWC to Wyoming and lost that game by 3. Yes I am just being honest but Bradbury needs one more season at UNM to prove himself honestly!

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