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  1. Art Briles changed the culture at Baylor – I for one would not be proud of that sort of change.
    Is it possible that Kliff HAS changed the culture and THAT change is what has lead to the big roster turnover seemingly every year? And THAT has been the difference maker in turning a couple Ws into Ls every year. We know the margins are razor thin at times(last year it was two missed FGs). I think our 24/7 social media news cycle has changed our perspective on what makes a good coach. I have zero reservations that Kliff is a program building coach or that he can be one here a Tech. That it has yet to happen does not mean it can’t or won’t.

    1. Interesting.
      Are you saying Tech had players that would have won a lot of games but were bad people, and that they were run off, resulting in losses for Tech?
      I can’t go down that road. I think Kingbury has kept the right guys for the most part and run-off the right one’s as well. It’s a wash to me.

  2. Just throwing out that “changing the culture” can mean a lot if things. There is no doubt in my mind that Kliff is a winner. Or that his goals and expectation are to win and win big. There’s no one Kirby can bring in that’ll out work Kliff or want to win more than he. I’m against a coaching change even if 2018 is another sub-500 year. I just have faith that CKK will get it figured out and when it happens we’ll be glad he’s one of ours.

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