The Wednesday Broadcast: Our Thoughts On The Great Moments Of President George H. W. Bush’s Funeral And What We Can Learn, How Kliff Kingsbury Is Texas Tech’s Bart Starr & Your Questions

Simply put, the funeral for President George H. W. Bush was fantastic. I don’t say that making light of the somber nature of the event, but I thought the family did a great job creating a moment that not only memorialized a fine man, but ensured future generations will learn from his greatness. Thank you to the Bush family for sharing your love of a great man with all of us on a global stage!

After that, and our comments pale beyond that topic, we look at why former Texas Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury is Tech’ Bart Starr. Now at USC at the offensive coordinator, Kingsbury will be loved by Texas Tech fans going forward… no matter what.

Add in some of your questions and we’ve got a big Wednesday broadcast! Now, get to the store and get ready for the colossal storm coming our way!

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  1. Ryan, your comment about President Bush’s symbolic transition from “Commander in Chief” to “son of God” outside the cathedral was a beautiful and inspiring observation. It’s a reminder of which role lasts longer and has the highest priority.

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