Things I’ll Never Understand – From Paying College Football Players To M*A*S*H, TCU Fans To North Korea.

Things I’ll Never Understand – The Random Edition



For the life of me, I’ll never understand why . . .




M*A*S*H  isn’t on TV each night at 10:30 right after the late, local news. America would be better for it.


why folks don’t want college football players and other college athletes to be paid for the work they do for the school. It’s jealously for the most part, near as I can tell. . .


Lubbock doesn’t have a steakhouse more well-known than Amarillo.


the Dallas Cowboys’ fans haven’t figured out that Jerry Jones likes making money more than winning football games. If he happens to win a few games while fleecing your pocket, that’s a bonus to him. It all comes back on the fans. Dallas fans hold Jones less accountable than Chicago Cubs fans did of their ownership for a 100 years.


folks think diplomacy always works. If it did, you wouldn’t be googling tonight whether a North Korean missile could hit your city.


average folks riding bikes on the streets of Lubbock or on the outer county roads dress like they’re in the Tour de France. You’re not. You don’t need to be “aero”. You don’t need to wear spandex and goofy outfits.  You need to get the hell out of the way before you get run over by a module truck or tractor.


I can’t hear George Strait on the radio anymore. Or Waylon, Willie, Kris, Hank and so many others, they should be there. . .


college football coaches make more than NFL coaches. Oh, wait. I do know. It’s because the NFL has to pay for labor costs and colleges don’t. That’s why I got a “B” in Economics. I forget the simple stuff sometimes . . .


some TCU fans can’t read for context and meaning when you compliment their program by saying you wouldn’t have put them in the Big 12 because they were a threat and would elevate and grow as a school.  Well, actually I do understand. Drugs, Twitter and Metroplex traffic make for a lethal combination on some folks. They’re usually the first to comment it seems.


Whataburger hasn’t created a Whataburger pizza. Think about it. . .












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  1. With all due respect, you couldn’t be more wrong about Jerry Jones and your statement about him is completely false. Tell us more about those terrific years under Texas A&M Aggie Bum Bright.

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