“Things I’ll Never Understand” – Hyatt’s Weekly Column Looks At The NBA, Texas Tech Traditions And Dinosaurs

Things I’ll never understand. . . June 8, 2017.


I’ll never understand . . .


Why Texas Tech doesn’t spend more money and time on celebrating real traditions and history instead of trying to create “new” traditions. Texas Tech has plenty of history. It gets shoved aside in favor of new and shiny things. Sadly, a lot of the old tradition and history doesn’t fit the narrative of the school today. That history is too “country”, “rural” and not embracing the “modern” view many want the school to take. Oh well. I’ve never been in style so this makes me fit right in.


Why doesn’t the food at Subway look like it does when you come into the store like it does when you see it on TV. . .


Why doesn’t Lubbock have a SXSW Music Style-Festival when Lubbock has all the musicians . . . Austin has to import them every spring from Lubbock. Why not keep them here and have a little party?


Why a gallon of orange juice cost more than a gallon of gas. Hell. Oranges literally grow on trees. Dinosaurs had to die for you to get gas. . .


Why folks think this year’s Golden State Warriors team could beat the ___ teams from NBA past. The NBA is the only league that’s gotten worse over the last 25 years. The individual skills have suffered from kids not playing in college, the teamwork has suffered from coaches wanting to go 1-on-1 times 5 and the depth has been spread around by too many teams through expansion. Would a team from today beat a team from 20 years ago? No! The Bulls of the 90’s, Celtics, Lakers and Pistons before in the 80’s and even Trail Blazers of 77 would destroy teams of today. They were deeper, played better team ball and could wipe the floor with these squads.



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