Things I’ll Never Understand – Hyatt’s Weekly Wednesday Column In Raiderland

I’ll never understand . . .


why so many college sports fans don’t understand that coaches do this for a living and the fan does it for fun. I see folks saying they just can’t root for Lincoln Riley at OU cause he’s betraying Texas Tech. Some of the same folks can’t believe Ruffin McNeill would go to OU and coach against Texas Tech. Those folks don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a coaching family, but when you get to that point, your loyalty lies where your check comes from. That doesn’t make them bad folks or bad “Red Raiders”. It makes them someone doing their job.

why folks in Lubbock allow their city council to sign-off on a website promoting downtown to the tune of $54K. For one year. If I owned a business on 34th St. or 82nd St. or Milwaukee and had sunk $$$ into the Chamber of Commerce, paid taxes and in general had to do everything on my own – I’d be livid. City government picking winners and losers. Someone is gonna benefit I suppose, all at tax-payer dollars.

why they don’t show the movie “Patton” in about the 9th grade.

why Major League Baseball can’t wait about ten more days and then do the draft after the College World Series. Ya, I know they want to get players in as quick as possible. I get that.  But given the fact that it takes most prospects years to sniff the big leagues, what’s another two weeks? Let the best teams focus on the biggest moments of their season. The NFL would never hold their draft the week before the National Championship Game… ( or would they! )

why folks don’t seem to understand we are closer to 1859 than we are 1969 with the way things are going in the country today. The path can be changed. I hope folks are strong enough to stand-up and change the direction we are going right now as a country. Right now we are in a “Cold” Civil War. Sadly, on Wednesday a man tried to make it a “Hot” war. It doesn’t have to be this we. We can vigorously disagree on policy and fight it out at the ballot box, not the street. Sadly, I don’t hold out much hope that what happened today won’t happen again and on a grander scale if things don’t change quickly.


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