Things I’ll Never Understand – The Big 12 Edition

A Few Things I’ll Never Understand – The Big 12 Edition



I’ll never understand why . . .




Iowa State has a bird caught up in a whirlwind as a mascot. The have a fine, if not destructive, mascot in the cyclone. There’s no need to involve a bird in the picture. Perhaps a barn or a mobile home would have been a better choice, but that gets a little personal.


the Big 12 schools agreed to elevate TCU instead of taking Air Force a few years back. With Air Force you would have expanded back into the Denver/Colorado TV markets while adding a school that wouldn’t be able to capitalize as much on being in a Power 5 conference as TCU. By its very nature, Air Force is limited on how much it can take over any one recruiting area like Texas. You also wouldn’t have as many top athletes around the state clamoring to go to Colorado Springs instead of stay in Texas.


anyone thinks there are two wage-earning schools out there that want to join the Big 12.


Oklahoma has ever agreed to wear alternate uniforms unless it is a pure replica to pay tribute to a National Championship team. I’m no Boomer Sooner guy but some schools should never mess with tradition. I’d say the same for Texas.


the Big 12 thinks it’s going to make a difference having Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State a few weeks after beating them before when it comes to getting into the CFB Playoff. As long as they do this silly “Title Game” (after deciding a title over a full conference schedule) more years than not it will hurt the league instead of help it. Mark it down.



how the largest school in the State of Texas can’t consistently have one or two QBs on the roster that are first or second team All-Big 12 quality. In a state that now exports QBs like we do cotton, it boggles the mind how UT can’t consistently identify and sign QBs at the level of Texas Tech and Houston.


how people say it’s hard to recruit to Lubbock but not say that about Waco, Stillwater, Ames and Manhattan. . .


the Big 12 can’t get more baseball on TV. Ya, I know it’s football season but that always bothers me. It’s a great sport at a great time of year to fill a TV void. The Big 12 has failed this sport since the inception of the league. Why? Because most schools just don’t care.


the good folks involved with the Baptist church here in Texas haven’t taken control of Baylor and sorted a few things out. Of course the more disturbing thought is that they have, and this is what they want . . .



that folks think the Big 12 will be around in a few years. The league will succumb to the same powers that created it: TV sets and population. The Big 8 and the SWC died because they were in the middle of the country. Neither had enough TV sets in the 90’s to make it work and now, the same thing will happen. The coasts will eat away at the middle like a shark. The west will take a few schools, the east will take a few schools and one school will take its own network and go independent for a few years. For the most part, all of these schools will be better off in ten years than they are today.





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  1. I get the bird caught up in a cyclone. I mean…if a shark can get caught up in one, why not a bird?

    The REAL mystery is… why does the Stanford Cardinal logo have an “S” and a tree… but no visible Cardinal?
    (Was it caught up in a cyclone?)

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