What Do You Want To Hear Texas Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury Say At Big 12 Media Days???

Next week Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury will take his seat at Big 12 Media Days and talk to the assembled press. Of course he’s not just talking to the media, he’s talking to you. He’s talking to fans, boosters, donors, ticket-buying folks, PSL holders, parking space buyers and anyone who invests in Red Raider Football.

So, if you’re one of those folks, what do you want to hear Kingsbury say?

The easy answer is that it doesn’t matter what he says, you just want results. I can understand that, but I still think there are things the average and above-average fan want to hear this time of year.

Here’s what I said earlier today on our broadcast that I would advise Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury to say…


Now, you get in on our comment section and tell us what you think you want him to say. As always, I hope you share this post, invite your friends to comment and in general spread the word that Raiderland is the place to be each day. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Thanks to you, it’s growing!


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  1. I hate to say it, but I don’t think it matters much what he says because I don’t think many fans are listening anymore. It is hard to get emotionally or monetarily invested in a program when you can’t yet see a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I am wrong and Tech puts together a 7 or 8 win season. We are just waiting for and hoping for a team to be proud of.

    1. Welp. Instead of really saying much about your opinion, I would rather use this as an example. One of the reasons Tech football has never been taken serious, is because of the fair weather Tech fan. “Emotional” and “proud” when they are winning, yet bash and abandon them when they are losing. Of course you have the right to walk out on Tech football just like walking out of a bad movie. The coach and the team have more than enough RED RAIDERS to fill the seats on Saturdays. Please save yourself the time and either don’t go or donate your tickets to kids. Tech football is not your entertainment. I’m proud of the 100+ players that chose Lubbsuck Texas to be the place they would spend 4 years. They risk their body to do the best so that folks like you will be “proud”. Unfortunately for some if Tech does not win 7 or 8 games well I guess you will be walking out like those kids are a bad movie. The difference between Tech a UT and an Oklahoma is they win 5 games in a year and there will still be 100,000 people there on Saturday.
      (This is not intended to be insulting or abusive in any way. It is just a sports rant)😀😀

  2. Why the inability to recruit (to late now, but in his 2-3 years) on offense? Primarily QB, since KK is supposedly a QB genius.

    1. To an extent, Kliff was his own worst enemy with the QB situation. He had Mayfield, Brewer and Webb. Then Mayfield and Brewer transferred and he was left with Webb and Mahomes (yes, intentionally leaving out Testiverde). Then Stidham wussed out bc he saw what Mahomes was doing and he didn’t want to sit (don’t totally blame him, but should have reneged earlier so we could have Ben Hicks or someone else now.) Kliff has done very well with QBs inherited and recruited, and in today’s environment with transfers, most players of Stidham’s stature aren’t going to sit for a year or two, and thus we had a gap that we’re really seeing now.

  3. give us a marketable qb. don’t care who it is. just want to know it is that’s going to sling the ball first game.

  4. soccer is an hour and a half with a high probability of being 1-0. and very few shots on goal.

    2nd is cricket cuz nobody likes cricket. except some Indian guy I met in college.

    3rd is probably nascar, which would have me as a fan if there were different designs for different cars. I think NASCAR should be about building the best cars, and touring them around the country.

    4 is basketball which really is on the rise. and that’s thanks to Steph curry.

    5. is football, getting tired of them playing politics with who can wear what on jerseys, who is coming out for the anthem or the issue of ppe not doing a good enough job stopping concussions.

  5. Before I begin, I must qualify my Call me by confessing that I Neither a booster nor a graduate, of Texas Tech. I’ve honestly got nothing invested in the Red Raiders, other than whatever I’ve spent on game tickets and merchandise.

    That being said, I feel it’s time for Kliff to put up or shut up.
    For 5 years, now, he’s been telling us about mental errors, mistakes, too many points given up, too many yards allowed, yadda yadda yadda. And for 5 years, there’s been no marked improvement. They do well against the lesser teams… albeit only offensively. Defense still struggles, mightily, against said lesser teams… and just flat don’t show up, against the stronger competition.

    I really don’t want to hear his template comments. It’s like watching Nuke, during an interview in Bull Durham, only he’s more smooth in his delivery.

    I just want to hear him tell us that he hopes the team shows us how much they’ve improved… not tell us that they HAVE improved. We’ve been told that, before. Now it’s time to prove it.

  6. I want Kliff to own 2017 and explain exactly how and why it didn’t go as well as expected. And he’s not allowed to blame everything on poor kicking (I do believe that if we make 2-3 more field goals, Tech wins 2-3 more games, DEFINITELY beat WVU with a FG at the end of the half). If Tech had won 8 last year, this season’s outlook would not be quite as dismal. When a team has a lot of something (turnovers, close wins/losses, luck, etc.) the next season it usually evens out. With that in mind, Tech had a few close losses that were very winnable games in 17, so while it would surprise the national talking heads, prognosticators and magazine barkers, it would not be completely out of left field for Tech to get back to an 8 win season in 18. That being said, Tech has to play at a very high level all season and not have the annual Iowa State no-show game. There is a lot of talent on the roster, and the vast majority is sophomore/junior talent which bodes well for 19. Kilff needs to own 17 and 18, and explain exactly why new coaches were brought in, why they were brought in and how as a coaching staff, everyone will make a difference in 18.

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