“What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock” Featuring KFYO Radio’s Chad Hasty: Duncan Abruptly Quits As Texas Tech Chancellor, Vet School In Peril, County Commissioners Gone Wild.

Slow times in the summer? Forget about it.

These past few weeks in Lubbock have generated enough news for a full year. This week is no exception, with Texas Tech making state-wide news with the announcement that Chancellor Robert Duncan is retiring and will leave the University at the end of August.

That’s stunning.

KFYO radio host Chad Hasty has his breakdown on that story, why it may be happening and how the political battle with Texas A&M over a proposed Vet school for Tech may be playing a huge role in this.

We haven’t forgotten about the Lubbock County Commissioners Court either. This week they decided to put up for vote a 50 million dollar rodeo arena. Yep. Lubbock.

So, enjoy the podcast – get your comments in – share it with your friends who may need Texas Tech and Lubbock news and thank you for being out there!


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  1. A state-run system university with campuses in several cities but logically one station went to our chamber of commerce president to ask about filling the chancellor’s position.

      1. A tv news station interviewed McBride about what’s going to take place to replace Duncan. Not really his bailiwick.

        1. Considering McBride is a Texas A&M grad, I can think of other folks I would have considered interviewing about the matter…
          Tone deaf or just deaf. That defines most of the local media. As for the station that ran that, I’m not surprised….Should have gone to Commissioner McKay…

  2. Tech has their own Swamp Rats and have had for some time. Let’s see the little creatures squirm when more comes the RD drama. Follow the dinero hombres and get your popcorn.

  3. Poor timing politically. The bad actors in this drama underestimated the push back and anger it will create in West Texas. They naively believed this will be confined within the boundaries of the Tech campus.

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