What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock! From The Reagor-Dykes Saga To Dallas Cowboys Football, Ted Cruz & Bet O’Rourke To Buc-ees

The latest What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock podcast with KFYO’s Chad Hasty ventures into a lot of territory this week. After his trip to Austin (working, not pleasure) we look at the latest on the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group saga and how that will impact certain groups in Lubbock. Not only that but we take a look at the Senator Ted Cruz vs Rep. Beto O’Rourke battle for the a U.S. Senate spot and why Ted Cruz might need Donald Trump. Or does he???

Oh, and clean bathrooms, Dak Prescott why Dallas has less of a shot at a certain thing than Ted Cruz does.

This, is What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock!

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