5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Why You Need To Listen To Your Wife To Lubbock Restaurants That Are Long Gone To Respect For Fire & Police Officers And Why I Never Played The Drums…. This Is Some Of What We Know On A Sunday!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Pictures never do it justice!

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  1. When your wife tells you to go to the Doctor, go to the Doctor…. I waited and it nearly cost me. Started the New Year getting treated for pneumonia ( even though I was still a few hours away from really having it, but hey, who is keeping score!). If it wasn’t for my wife I’d have missed even more time with y’all than I did. New Year’s Resolution? I promise to listen to my wife and not tell myself “it’s just a cold/allergies for a full month before going in. So, let’s make 2020 a healthy year and listen to our wives guys!
  2. If you’ve got young kids, I want you to do this. The next time you’re out and see a police officer or firefighter, introduce your kid and let them know that that person may very well save their life or mom and dad’s life if anything bad happens. Even in West Texas too many kids don’t see officers and first responders as friends. So, make it happen. You never know when your child may desperately need that officer or firefighter’s help and you’re not around to guide them. . . Help your child understand that officers are just normal folks, ready to help them!
  3. Top 3 Lubbock restaurants that no longer exist: 1. Gardski’s Loft. Iconic. Great for lunch and perfect for first dates. The upstairs bar had dollar drinks back in the day. Yep, you’d drink a screwdriver on Wednesday night if it was just a dollar no matter how manly you were. 2. Western Sizzlin’. If you know, you know. 3. Martinez Mexican food on Slide and 50th St. Back in the 1980’s this was a go-to place. Nothing fancy and that’s what made it great. Free margaritas and the sopapillas that were fantastic. ( My little brother Matt called them “Sophia’s” …. very awkward when he ordered that… )
  4. Greek yogurt. Honey vanilla with granola. You’re welcome.
  5. “Tom Sawyer”. It’s the song that convinced me I would never be able to play drums. I wasn’t much better on guitar, but trying to come close to duplicating what Neil Peart was doing on the Moving Pictures album just reinforced to me what my career path would not involve. Drums. I’ve never seen a better drummer in person. I’ve never heard a better drummer on tape. Rest well, Neil and thanks for the heartbeat to a generation of rock.



  1. I’d have to say Sirloin For Steaks. Filets you could cut with a fork and awesome cheese rules. Great call when the dorm cafeteria was closed on Sunday night.

  2. Yep, Gardski’s is where i took Mary for our first date… Beef Fajitas and Margaritas… Oh and Mary had a gift to take home… Hawaiian Macademia nuts and chocolates… County Line and 50 Yard Line steak house favorites gone away…

    • Great call on the Ranch House.
      A perfect breakfast place. Get the chicken fried steak ( cut of shinbone ) with a slice of American cheese on the hash browns.
      Great place.

  3. My top 3 Lubbock restaurants that no longer exist;
    * JT McCord’s
    * Gardski’s
    * Julio’s/Don Pablo’s

    If you’re not teaching your children to respect and honor our firefighters and police officers, you’re slacking, as a parent.

    Going to the doctor used to be on my list of least favorite things g to do. Now, as I’ve passed the half century mark…it’s still on that list, but, I try to act my age, suck it up, and go.

    I don’t discuss yogurt. I think I listened to George Carlin talk about it, too many times.

    Tom Sawyer was my introduction to Neil Peart, as well. Casual air drummers went crazy on Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” Serious air drummers, and actual drummers, air drum to most Rush songs, especially the entire Moving Pictures album.
    In my later years, as my musical taste progressed, I developed a great appreciation and fondness, for the post-Moving Pictures albums. The “synth” years produced the most musically and lyrically sophisticated music, of any other artist of the last 50 years. Intelligent, melodic and beautiful, yet still fun to listen to.
    R.I.P Professor.

    • Was J.T. McCords in the center where Orlando’s is now on 67th and Indiana? I remember the place, just can’t place the place. And yes, Julio’s Don Pablo’s was legendary, with a great taco bar upstairs. Again, another great first date place. . .

      • Yes, JT McCord’s was in that spot on 69th & Indians. One of the greatest date night restaurants, at the time. And, I failed to mention Swenson’s, as a great date night spot.

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