Golf USA Stacy NIx

Let’s Talk Putters! Our Visit With Stacy Nix From Lubbock’s Golf USA Gets Your Squared Away With The Flat-Stick! Just In Time To Improve Your Putting This Summer. Watch, Enjoy, Share With Your Buddy Who Can’t Putt And Kills You In Partnerships!

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Strangest Place You’ve Met A Fellow Texas Tech Fan Or West Texan? PGA Vs LIVGolf. PGA Running Scared? Hyatt’s Son Has A New Job – Restaurant Industry Watch Out! Your Great Comments And Questions Featured As Well!

What exactly is the PGA really scared off right now from LIVGolf? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: How Do You Grade The Past Year For Texas Tech Sports? From Football Through Basketball, On To Baseball… How Did Texas Tech Do This Year? What Was Your First Summer Job, What Was Your Worst Summer Job? True Story Night On The Show. Enjoy And Share!

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Diamond Talk

Diamond Talk: Notre Dame Ends Texas Tech’s Season With 2-1 Win In NCAA Regional Action. We Recap The Tournament, The Year And More. Our Thoughts And Your Great Questions And Comments. Enjoy And Share With A Red Raider.

Sometimes it ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end. . . […]

Daily Broadcast

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Dance Like Someone Is Watching! Old Movies That Need A Sequel Like Top Gun! Tater Tots And A Tribute To The Highly Motivated New 16-Year Old In Our House! What Would You Do To Take Your Driver’s Test In Your Favorite Truck??? Enjoy, Comment And Share!

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