5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Advice That Stands Test Of Time, West Texas Heat, Greatest Summer Beers, Kid Learns Lesson On “Let’s Go Brandon” Gas Prices & Why You Might Hate Kids, Dogs, Old People And Fun. Enjoy, Comment And Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. “Look boss, I only got one rule. And that’s never bet money you don’t have on a dog race with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper.” This is still some of the best advice any caddy has ever given a golfer…
  2. As I write this column, it’s 105 degrees here in West Texas. The weather app though says it only feels like 101. So we got that going for us. I’m pleased to report the weather app is letting me know it’s ”very hot”. Ya, I would have never picked up on that on my own. In related news, imagine what it would be like for Texas Tech Baseball fans out a Dan Law Field this weekend if Tech were hosting a Super Regional. They’d have had to start the games at 9PM and play though the night. I don’t mind some summer heat, but there’s a reason I never took a job in Phoenix.
  3. Top 3 Summer Beers As We Speak… No. 3. Rolling Rock. Probably around early to mid-90s I discovered Rolling Rock as a great summer beer. Crisp and clean. Highly underrated. No. 2. It’s new and it’s kicking butt. It’s Shiner’s Orale! If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Trust me on this one. Maybe best new brew Spoetzl has put out in a long time. And that includes Ruby Redbird. No. 1. Karbach Brewing’s Love Street Blonde. Exceptional year ’round. Even better when it’s so hot you’re not sure you want a big greasy plate of enchiladas and just decide to go with a taco salad! As always, add your own comments below on #3.
  4. It stinks when you have to explain to your son that’s he’s 9 bucks in the hole before he ever starts a shift at work because of gas prices and what it costs to go from home to work and back. Harsh economic lesson. Let’s Go Brandon!
  5. No matter where you call home, there’s always a group of folks that can’t wait to spend other people’s money on civic projects and whatnot. If you disagree with them, they label you as ”anti-growth”, ”anti-fill-in-the-blank-city” and against any and all progress. Those folks couldn’t be more wrong. Nine times out of ten those same folks would never put their own business or bank on the line to fund the projects privately. How do we know this? They don’t do it. If every single one of these civic cheerleaders believed each and every project was really that great of a deal, they’d fund it privately and make money off it, just like they always do when it comes to other aspects of their business life. Instead, when it comes to public money, they want you to tote the note, with no accountability. And if you don’t support it and promote it… well, in that case you hate kids, dogs, old people, family, and Jesus His Ownself. … No matter where you call home.

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