5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Album Covers To Mexican Food, Pit Stops From Lubbock To The Metroplex Plus The Willful Destruction Of Women’s College Sports. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. It’s a shame my son and his generation missed out on great album covers. As much as the music mattered, the album covers were works of art. In fact, a whole album was a work of art. From the cover, to the liner notes to the music. You listened to ”albums”. You listened to the songs in order. The albums were crafted in a certain way, designed to be listened to whole, the song order designed to create an overall experience created by the band and producers….Ya, today kids can download anything they want in mere seconds, get music track by track and skip what they don’t want. That’s progress. But it isn’t. This ain’t Old Man talkin’ here. This is Music Lover talkin’. We had it better. Fact.
  2. I’m convinced that most folks would rather be told they’re right by other folks than actually be right.
  3. Top 3 Places To Stop On Road From Lubbock To D-FW: #3. That new Ranchland gas station in Benjamin. Get the pimento cheese. My wife swears by it. #2. One-Stop Of Texas in Bridgeport. You gotta love a meat market with kolaches and a black horse out front with a Double T Logo on it. #1. T C’s Ponderosa BBQ in Dickens. If I have to explain that one, you don’t drive 114 enough.
  4. I’ve spent a lot of my professional career broadcasting and covering women’s college sports. I’d like to think I have a pretty good perspective on the achievements and growth of female athletes over the last 30-plus years. With that as context, and not having a girl-child I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have a daughter right now and watch what’s going on with the ”Lia” Thomas story in NCAA swimming. The NCAA is running promo spots in the men’s basketball tournament celebrating the achievement of women in sports and ”demanding” more coverage of women, all while allowing a man to win championships against women. That’s beyond messed up. It’s deliberately damaging to women’s sports and the NCAA must change it’s path. Those who support women’s athletics must be strong and speak out against this as well. Don’t be cowed by the woke media and others who say if you’re against Thomas you’re using a transgender-phobic dog-whistle. That’s not true. You know what’s right and fair and what’s not. Be true. Stand up for girls and women in sports. Don’t be afraid.
  5. I’ve never been to a great Mexican food place that didn’t have fantastic chips and salsa waiting for you right after you sat down. If you go somewhere and they don’t bring you chips and salsa, or at the very least offer it, politely explain that you have to leave and exit the restaurant as soon as you can. It won’t get any better if they can’t clear that basic level of Mexican Food Service. Trust me.



  1. 4.) I can see there be a time when a women’s swimmer is caught using performance enhancing drugs because they need to close the gap with competition like Lia. Count on it.

  2. #1. Album cover ain’t great, but Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album.

    #4. My youngest daughter is a pretty decent kind of softball pitcher. She signed to play D1 ball on the East Coast next year. I worry quite a bit about what those woke yankees will do if some dumba$$ dude that can’t see the field on a baseball team decides he feels like a woman and goes to plan B.

    • 1 and 4 are spot on and the rest is pretty good too.

      Regarding 4, I was actually gonna use that tmro on your show for your “Things I know on a Monday” topic. It’s ridiculous how brazen and hypocritical the NCAA has become. And shame on the advertisers for promoting the nonsense. Buick, I’m looking at you!!!

      I wish Penn was in the wbball tourney and I was the AD of the school playing them – I’d send a men’s team out there to play them.

  3. Pat Forde has a daughter that competes at highest level in collegiate swimming and affected by this. But he has put him self in the wokest category with his stance on Covid/ vaccines / masks / isolation that he is in a position he can’t speak up and defend his daughter. Go woke go broke.

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