5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Croutons To TG&Y, Americans Being TOO SOFT For America To Sniglets & Salsa . . . This Is What We Know!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Brought to you in part by McAlpin Chiropractic here in Lubbock!

  1. Do croutons make anything better? Focus-Group research tells me they do not. they take up space and get in the way of what ever it was you wanted to eat in the first place. The same goes for celery and carrots when you order hot wings.
  2. Had this conversation with a friend the other day. Watching how folks react to challenge, strife and trouble; it’s doubtful that Americans would be tough enough to settle America today. If they weren’t rolling in casino cash, the Indians might want a re-match…
  3. Top 3 Businesses I Can’t Believe Failed In Lubbock: #3. The Brittany. Did it fail, or did we fail The Brittany? Phones in your booth to call the order in? Hickory Burgers? Great onion rings? What more did we need? I blame us. #2. TG&Y. Did we not need quality Five and Dime merchandise? We’re we too good for TG&Y? Maybe TG&Y was too good for us? #1. Midnight Rodeo. I blame myself. I didn’t dance near enough. My wife will back me up on this. As for you guys… what’s your excuse!
  4. Sniglets. One of the great all-time comedy bits. If you don’t remember Rich Hall and “Not Necessarily The News” on HBO, you missed out.
  5. If you don’t know the difference between salsa and hot sauce… you ain’t Texan. No worries though. There’s 49 other states out there that will take you.


  1. I did my part at Midnight Rodeo AKA Cold Water. Danced many nights away drinking cokes and wearing out boot soles!!!

  2. My Aunt was the manager at the TG&Y at 4th St and University for years. It was a gold mine for a 6 year old me.

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