5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Popcorn Challenges At Home, “Easy As Riding A Bike”, Worst Hot Wing Sauces, Perfect Father’s Day Sports Event & Best Gift A Dad Can Get On Father’s Day. Enjoy, Share, Comment!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. We can put a man on the moon but we can’t duplicate movie theater buttered popcorn at home. Why is that? Why aren’t top scientist working on this as we speak? You’d think this should be a priority in America. We’ve solved nearly every other challenge set before us for over 200 years. Why are there no great popcorns you can make at home…On another note, why do candy bars taste better at a swimming pool?
  2. I’m guessing the Speech Police are gonna ban the phrase, ”just like riding a bike” now; right?
  3. Top 3 Worst Hot Wing Flavors: No. 3. Liver and Onions. No. 2. Grandma’s Perfume. No. 1. Butterscotch.
  4. If golf hadn’t given us the U.S. Open on Father’s Day weekend each year; we would have had to invent it. Is there a better Father’s Day sporting event than a game that allows you to watch it while also falling asleep at times and no one thinking anything of it. It’s perfect. I intend to ”watch” a lot of golf later this Sunday.
  5. After doing this for a few years now, I’m convinced that the best gift any man can get on Father’s Day is just the fact that you get to be a Dad. No gift, card, lunch, tie or even a free full tank of gas can match the idea of being a Dad. I’m blessed with a fine son and a wife who makes sure he’s a fine son 🙂 . There’s nothing that compares to feeling proud to be a father. I don’t think any child can understand that until they become a parent themselves. I got my Father’s Day gift a little over 16-years ago. To all the Dad’s out there, young or old, Happy Father’s Day! Make sure you tell your kid thanks.


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