5 Things We Know On A Sunday – I’m More Athletic Than You Think! Vontae Mack, No Matter What. Three Things You Gotta Eat After Midnight, Why You Need To Open Your Window And A Thought Elon Musk Might Like But Joe Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Might Hate…Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. If you don’t think I’m athletic and think I’m no longer capable of making moves that would impress most gymnasts…watch me try to retrieve a pen that I drop in my truck between the seat and console. As a bonus, I usually find at a minimum two other pens, maybe a bag of chips, a random phone charger that no longer works and the lid to a cup that I can’t identify. So ya, I’m still athletic. All of that done at a stoplight by the way!
  2. Vontae Mack. No matter what… I keep a notecard that says that in my wallet. If you know, you know. If you know, you understand the message it sends. Set your course. Stay on your course. No matter what.
  3. Top 3 After Midnight Menu Items: No. 3. Fried egg sammich at the old Town and Country stores around Lubbock back in the 90s. No. 2. Anything at Waffle House. No. 1. Frozen taquitos from the back of the freezer that you’re not really sure how old they are, but you’re gonna eat them anyhow… Cook them long enough, they’ll get the job done. Just don’t forget you put them in the oven….
  4. I don’t keep the window open enough in my office. In the morning and in the evening the birds are fantastic to listen to. How much do we miss out on in our lives by shutting our doors, closing our windows and locking ourselves into our Netflix, wi-fi world? Our parents, our grandparents and great-grandparents had a great connection to their world that we miss out on. We do it to ourselves. Of course our great-grandparents would have been more than happy to shut the doors and windows and enjoy some air-conditioning…. so there’s that. Still, we willingly give away so much of our world. …
  5. If all Elon Musk ever does is remind folks in America that it’s ok to argue, discuss, cuss, debate and battle it out in the market place of ideas; without demanding a safe-space or protected status from critique and criticism. . . Well. . . Then Musk has done as much as anyone since the U. S. Constitution was ratified and a bunch of old white guys tried their best to let everyone know it’s OK to speak your mind and not worry about some old white guy with a crown throwing you in jail. Every now and then, Americans still need to be reminded how special America is. Even if some Americans hate it. For now, Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth… might just allow my last statement. That should scare the hell out of every American. …



  1. 3. The legendary midnight buffet at the Kettle circa ‘87-‘92 will always be my go to #1

    5. In the immortal words of one of our country’s greatest champions…


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