5 Things We Know On A Thursday: Lady Raiders Get A Signature Win In Austin, Magnificent 7 Tech Men Battle In Ames, Even With A “Bad Beat”, Best Places You Haven’t Eaten At, Plus An Insurrection And Strange Bruises…. Enjoy, Comment, Share With Your Friends.

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5 Things We Know On A Thursday

  1. Loved seeing the Texas Tech Lady Raiders get a 74-61 win in Austin Wednesday night against 9th ranked Texas. First, it’s always great to win in Austin. In fact, it may be my favorite place to win for all Texas Tech sports. Beyond that though, it gives Krista Gerlich’s program a “pay-off” win. A win that validates the progress and the hard work. Every program that makes a move forward has a win like that. Coach Gerlich knows first hand. She helped author the first win against Texas in 1991 at the SWC Tournament. It set in motion some pretty cool things for Lady Raider Basketball. I hope Coach Gerlich told UT coach Vic Schaefer last night after the game that, “Your kids played hard…”. If you know your Lady Raider history, you know why. . .
  2. The Magnificent 7 did great last night for Mark Adams at ISU. Outmanned, they held together as long as they could, falling 51-47 to the 11h ranked Cyclones in Ames. If anyone has any questions about the buy-in going on for the program with Adams, that should tell you all you need to know. Texas Tech folks should prepare for another game like this last one Saturday against Kansas. Know way to know now who will be available for Tech. END TESTING of healthy athletes NOW! There’s no reason at all to continue these stupid “protocols” that are no longer based on science and data, just outmoded political ass-covering… So… be a leader Texas Tech and announce that Tech will no-longer test healthy athletes and coaches and everyone else! Also, for those who suffered a Bad Beat last night… I feel ya, dog!
  3. Top 3 Places You Probably Haven’t Eaten At In Lubbock/West Texas. No. 3. Chelito’s Pepper Cafe in Wolffarth No. 2. The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern. It’s new, but it features old friends and great food. No. 1. Bonus Burger. Get the tots. Always. There ya go. Hit some new places in 2022. You’re welcome.
  4. If it was an insurrection, shouldn’t there have been an insurrection?
  5. This last one is for those of you trending to my age group. You know you’re getting older, “old?”, when you examine your arm or something and wonder where an epic bruise came from. Back in my younger days, I could nearly always account for a good bruise. Now… I assume a dog jumped up on me or the refrigerator door opened up a little fast and caught me of guard or I just got out of my truck too fast and … ya. I miss knowing that the large bruise on my arm came from falling down at Midnight Rodeo trying to jitterbug when I knew and everyone else knew I shouldn’t try to jitterbug. Oh well. I’m gonna blame the dog.