5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Advice That Stands Test Of Time, West Texas Heat, Greatest Summer Beers, Kid Learns Lesson On “Let’s Go Brandon” Gas Prices & Why You Might Hate Kids, Dogs, Old People And Fun. Enjoy, Comment And Share!

#3 Demands You Attention And Comments! So do it! […]


Sunday’s With Geroge Thatcher – Did The Hippies Have It Right? It’s Dusk On The Age Of Aquarius, How Did That Generation Do When It Comes To Love, Life And Prosperity? Will History Be Kind?

As they used to say, turns out it was a bummer. . . […]


Sunday’s With George Thatcher: The Ultimate Poker Game. Russia Vs. The World. What Hand Is Putin Willing To Play? A Cold War Warrior Counts The Cards. What’s The Play For America And The West Vs. The Bear?

There’s no bluffing in this game. . . […]