6/13/24: Either/Or Thursday -How Much Can You Eat, Raiderland Hot Links Featuring Texas Tech, DJ’s Dugout, Billy Martin, Old School, Barry Sanders And Turkey, Texas

Brought to you in part by The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern. 103rd and Quaker in Lubbock. A fun menu, great drinks and perfect atmosphere. Check out their weekend brunch as well!

Happy Thursday, y’all !

Feeling like we’re nearly back to 100% after the stomach virus. Not fun but you gotta take your turn in the barrel sometimes. I feel like I’ve missed out on a full week, so we’ll do the best we can to make up for it tonight on The Daily Broadcast (TDB) at 6:30 LIVE on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

CWS finally gets going and since I haven’t been up there since 2019 with Texas Tech, I’m feeling like I’m missing out. Got spoiled there for a fear years, didn’t we!

I think next year, I’m gonna try and take the family up for the first weekend no matter what. I tell folks all the time the event is just that good. You don’t need your team there to have a great time. Of course the first four day feature all eight teams. If you want to save a little money and miss out on some of the mayhem, go the next four days during elimination games. The crowds aren’t as crazy, you can get into the popular restaurants and it’s just a little more laidback.

Either way, I need some nachos at DJ’s Dugout!

Either/Or Thursday

Time to make those tough choices. Sometimes you can say both, but not today!

Here’s this week’s question:

What would you have a better chance of winning? Either a hot dog eating contest; OR a pizza eating contest. For clarification sake, let’s say its just normal crust on the pizza and one topping of your choice.

Now that Joey Chestnut is out at Nathan’s 4th of July contest, maybe this is your chance. Do a practice run and let us know how you do. Or if you’ve already competed in a contest, tell us how you did. Post in the comments below and we’ll talk about this tonight on TDB.

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