8/10/23 Question O’ The Day: Either Or Thursday, Hot-Links. What’s More Likely For Texas Tech Football This Season . . .

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Happy Thursday!

This week is rocking along, even though all day Tuesday I kept thinking it was Wednesday. Got to do another “Last” last night as we had our son’s Meet The Eagles Night for his football team. Hard to believe I’ve got a senior offensive lineman in the house. Then again when I see what we feed him, it’s really easy to believe we’ve got a senior offensive lineman in the house. Gonna be a full year of “Lasts” so trying to get mentally prepared. When they tell you it all goes by fast, they aren’t lying.

Let’s get on with things today. We’ll be back tonight with our normal Daily Broadcast. Friday is probably a no-go like Wednesday as we’ve got a scrimmage schedule, unless the other school decides it’s too hot to travel. I get it. 105 the projected high. If they’re already low on numbers as many small West Texas schools are, I totally get not wanting to risk injury or illness on a wicked-hot day. There’s another scrimmage date for next week, so it’s not as if it’s the only chance to get some work in before the season starts. Younger me would say scrimmage no-matter if it’s 110 or 10 degrees. What’s the problem! Old Me understands.

Either Or Thursday Questions

Each Thursday we give you two questions, one sports and one non-sports. Usually there’s some gray area in life, but not around Raiderland on Thursdays. You’ve got to make a choice. None of this “both” stuff. Feel free to explain your choice. In detail.

Which Fast-Food Place Would You Bring To Lubbock If You Could? Either Jack In The Box OR Waffle House?

What’s more likely this season? Either Texas Tech finishes the year ranked Top 15 or better OR Texas Tech finishes unranked? Which one and why?

Raiderland Hot-Links

We’re getting a lot of good feedback on the morning Hot-Links. Like we said, a work in progress and we’re figuring out as we go what we will and won’t include in the links each day. Bottom line though, it’s gonna be stuff we find interesting that we think you’ll also enjoy. We’ll try and focus it more towards Texas Tech, West Texas and things of that sort, but if it’s interesting and cool, it’ll make the cut. You guys can contribute as well. Just add a link to the comment section. We’ll be happy to throw it in the next day too if it’s not time sensitive. Let’s get to linking!