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Daily Broadcast(Free Labor): McGuire Understands Texas Tech Fans Response To Wyoming Loss, Invokes Tadlockian Theory Of Not Losing A Game Twice, Viewers Give Out Raiderland Helmet Stickers And We Talk Worst Jobs, NASCAR & Horse Racing On Labor Day. Big Show.

McGuire is just like a fan when it comes to post-game reactions… and that’s a good thing. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): How Close Is Texas Tech To Getting Back To CWS? NCAA Dying Gasp Memo On NIL Targets Texas Schools. Conference Realignment Plus Lots Of Random Sports Media Talk At The End. Enjoy. Share.

So much to talk about we went into Overtime tonight! Enjoy and share the show!

Daily Broadcast

Diamond Talk/Daily Broadcast (Video): Texas Tech Baseball Opens Season With 8-4 Win Over Gonzaga, Pac12 Flying Apart, Is It Kingsbury Time In #ChiefsKingdom? Our Thoughts, Your Comments. Welcome Back Baseball!!!

8-4 Opening Day win with lots to talk about! Enjoy and Share with Texas Tech friends. […]

Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind (VIDEO): TCU Beats Texas Tech 34-24 With Big 4th Quarter. Our Recap With Your Questions/Comments. JoeyLytics, Defense Shows Up Big, Morton Hurt And Those Penalties… Lots To Talk About. Enjoy And Share!

Well, what did the analytics tell you about this game today…… […]

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Wednesday Raiderland Radio Podcast Via Talk 103.9 FM: Conference Realignment, Top Sports Venues You’ve Caught A Game At Plus Bandwagons You’re On And Off This Week!

Here’s the latest radio show podcast. Don’t miss us Thursday live from 11-1 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Get the apps for those stations and never miss a […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Texas/OU To The SEC? Are The Houston Chronicle Reports Legit? Why/Why Not. Impact On Texas Tech Plus Your Comments & Questions. A Great Video Visit On A Wednesday Night. Enjoy and Share!

It’s now really summer. We have conference realignment talk! […]