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3/29/24: Most Texan Thing, Texas Tech Baseball Suffers Late Collapse, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring The Undefeated Texas Rangers, Josh Jung, Wrestlemania III, Lubbock Legend Craig Ehlo & The Texas Bel Aires Live

Brought to you in part by Gator’s Bayou, 98th and Quaker. The patio is rocking and the games are always on! Happy Good Friday, y’all! Things were looking really good for Texas Tech Baseball Thursday […]

One More Podcast

The One More Podcast Featuring Carl Johnson, Bill Berman And Ryan Hyatt: Carl Hangs With Mattress Mac, NFL Week 11, Crazy Parity, Fool’s Gold Game Of The Week, College Hoops And Christmas Lights. Lots Going On, As Always. Enjoy And Share!

For the new and advanced sports bettor, this is for you! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast: What’s The Greatest Texas High School Football Team Mascot? Why The NBA Should NOT Retire Bill Russell’s Number 6. Should MLB Do ”Field Of Dreams Game” Each Year? (No.) Enjoy The Show And Post Your Comments!

Brought to you in part by Lifts West Hotel And Condominium in Red River, New Mexico. The mountains are calling. Pick up the phone! We covered a lot of ground tonight. Find out why we […]


The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Which Former Texas Tech Athlete Is ”Statue Worthy”? Better TV Character? Walter White From ”Breaking Bad”, Or Tony Soprano From ”The Sopranos”? CWS Is Set. OU Vs Ole Miss. Who Ya Got?

Brought to you by Boot City! Great Boots? Yep. Great shirts? Yep. Great britches? Yep. So get out there and save some money and get to looking good! Let’s talk some Texas Tech sports, a […]


The ”One More Podcast” Featuring Beau Rivage Race And Sports Book Director Carl Johnson, Bill ”The Bandit” Berman And Stevie Shrimp. Ryan Hyatt Just Holds It All Together! Tonight – We Fix The NBA ( No- NOT Like That!! ), Give You Horses For Courses In The PGA Championship And Actual Horses For The Preakness! That And Really Bad Guitar Playing. . . Enjoy And Share!

It’s the podcast you want, when you want One More! […]

One More Podcast

The Now Legendary 1 More Podcast: Featuring Ryan Hyatt, Carl Johnson, Bill Berman And Stevie Shrimp. This Week’s Guest – VSIN Contributor Will Hill. From NBA To MLB, Horse Racing To Food, TV And More, It’s The Podcast You Want When You Want One More!

The 1 More Podcast features Ryan Hyatt as host, Beau Rivage Sports and Race Book Director Carl Johnson from Biloxi, Bill Berman from New Jersey And Stevie Shrimp from where ever the shrimp and horses […]