Sunday’s With George Thatcher, Our Resident American Bad-Ass In Raiderland: Tail-End Charlie – A Most Unlikely American Hero – Covert Missions To The Congo, Secret Flights Over Russia And A Few Medals Later…Tail-End Charlie Did It All.

You never know who George is gonna know! […]

George Thatcher

Sunday’s With George Thatcher: Point Of Decision. A Sobering Reminder That The Events That Created A Need For Memorial Day Are Still Unfolding All Around The World Right Now For American Troops.

What’s next in this proxy war between the US and Russia? A Memorial Day lesson. […]


Sunday’s With George Thatcher: The Ultimate Poker Game. Russia Vs. The World. What Hand Is Putin Willing To Play? A Cold War Warrior Counts The Cards. What’s The Play For America And The West Vs. The Bear?

There’s no bluffing in this game. . . […]