Texas Tech at Oklahoma State: Predictions, History & How The Pokes Passed The Red Raiders Up In The Big 12 Pecking Order. . .

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Happy Black Friday, y’all. No Daily Broadcast today as we are still in a Thanksgiving Pie Coma and more. Plus, it’s nice to just take a Friday off before an 11 A.M. game.

And let’s be honest?

Aren’t you glad Texas Tech and OSU are playing early? You get to see the game, it’s on the road, you get most of your day back no matter what and like we said, you get your day back. No matter what.

For Texas Tech football fans over the last decade plus, this has been a game you’d just as soon see happen at 7 AM. Maybe OSU would sleep walk through it. Since the Texas Tech destruction of OSU in 2008 to the tune of 56-20, the Cowboys have owned the Red Raiders. That’s painful to type, but true.

In fact, it was that win at Jones Stadium on 8 November of 2008 that was really the high-water mark of the Mike Leach era, backing up the upset of Texas a week before. . .

Texas Tech still leads the all-time series against OSU 23-32-3 but it’s been Mike Gundy and the Golden Mullet beating the Red Raiders 9 of the last 11 seasons. Fret not though, Texas Tech HC Matt Wells has never lost to OSU. Ever.

So, what happens Saturday?

The QB’s that have given OSU trouble this year look more like the Good Alan Bowman than Henry Columbi. If Texas Tech can push the ball downfield and try and find a few speed advantages they might look like Texas & OU did again the Cowboys.

If Tech can’t do that, the run game has been a non-factor for the Red Raiders and probably can’t win the day.

But wait, there’s more!

Texas Tech has found the field goal recently with Johnathon Garibay emerging as a legit threat from long-range, short range, punting… well you get the idea, two weeks ago against Baylor. If the offense bogs down, points may still be out there for Texas Tech.

As for the Red Raider defense, you can believe the stats or believe your lyin’ eyes. The stats say they’re not much better than last year, giving up points and yards. Your eyes tell ya they’re giving Texas Tech a chance to win games.

With an OSU offense struggling at QB right now, Keith Patterson’s bunch may be in line to give Tech another shot at a win, keeping OSU in check to at least under 35-38 points if not better.

We think better.

So give us your score predictions for Texas Tech at OSU in the comments below. We might even get y’all some prizes or Christmas stocking stuffers from Raiderland if you nail it.

Also, tell us why you think Oklahoma State has passed up Texas Tech since 2008 in the Big 12.

Is it money? Coaching? Talent? Talent development? You give us your top reasons why Texas Tech has fallen behind the Cowboys and then give us a few reasons why Tech can pass them up.

I know. It’s Friday. You don’t want to think too hard. Well, put the pie down and get to thinking!

Our Prediction from Raiderland: OKLAHOMA STATE 30 – TEXAS TECH 23.


  1. Tech 27 OSU 24

    The Red Raiders this season have improved in returns from a bye week by beating West Virginia and taking Texas to OT. Plus, it’s the Christmas season now and we have to have hope.

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