Thank You, Luke Siegel.

There will be no Daily Broadcast tonight from Raiderland.

Instead, I ask you to pray for the family of Luke Siegel.

A hero.

Luke is now restored and whole, just as we all prayed for over the past few years.

His family has given so much to so many over these past years, creating a legacy of Love and Life and Hope for many families stricken by trauma to their children.

I’d have given anything to never have to have told Luke’s story.

I am so blessed to have been able to tell even a small part of his story.

So. Tonight. Let’s pray a prayer of strength for the Siegel family. Let’s pray that they are held up by others the way they have supported so many others by sharing their son with families who were hurting and needed a light.

Luke was a Light.

He was a light illuminated by Christ Jesus, allowed to shine upon the lives of so many who needed that Light.

If you want to learn more about Luke, please go to the Team Luke site.

I figure most of y’all know the story, but some may not.

The sun rose this morning and Luke was still with us in this world.

The sun will set this Thursday night in West Texas and Luke will be home and and his legacy and contributions to this world will grow even more.

We’d all be so favored to create and generate the love, good-will and hope that Luke did as a courageous warrior in a short time in this world.

Thank you, Luke.

God Speed.