5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Fat Thumbs To Joe Biden, Why It’s OK To Be Happy, To Stuff Your Grandparents Saved…

5 Things We Know On A. Sunday

  1. If you’ve never created a Sunday column on you phone because your laptop is dying, you should really give it a try! Lots of fun. If this week’s column stinks, blame my fat thumbs!
  2. I’m so pleased no one is worried about what the President of The United States is tweeting these days. America and the world are so much better off.
  3. Top 3 Things Joe Biden Has Done As President:
  4. It’s easy to get down and depressed about things in the world right now. Do you really think God placed us in this world to be depressed and unhappy? I refuse to believe that. There’s more than enough happiness out there. Grab you some today, share it with a friend and let’s get on down the road.
  5. Is there anything more interesting than seeing what your parents and grandparents saved? When it comes to photos, letters and other precious keepsakes, all of those things give you a real-time glimpse into their life. That glimpse gives you a peek at how you became who you are and why. For all those folks who make fu n of us like me who keep probably more than I should, your kids and grandkids will be thankful for the bits of history you leave behind!



  1. 1) column is great. Good job.
    2) yes such a better world (eye roll)
    3) a) b) c)
    4) Romans 8:18
    5) truth

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