The Daily Broadcast: What Makes University Of Texas MBB Job Better Than Texas Tech Isn’t That Really The Question If You’re Chris Beard? That Plus Your Great Comments And Questions. Be Sure And Watch For The Special Guests Tonight!!!

Brought to you in part by Kyle Rogers and Remax Realty. The real estate market in Lubbock is gonzo right now. You need some one you can trust. You need Kyle Rogers. Call him before you buy or sell or even think about it.

Why would any coach leave Texas Tech for Texas right now, in 2021, for a men’s basketball job? Why? Oh ya, you can’t say money…. We look at real-world issues and maybe have a random conversation about strippers and Kent Best. I’d watch this if I hadn’t already been on the broadcast. Hope you watch. Hope you share it with Texas Tech friends and hope you listen to the radio show Tuesday!