What We’re Thinking About Today, Is _____. Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

What we’re thinking about today is : Music.

When it comes to music, what’s the earlier song or album you can remember that you went out and bought with your own money?

For me, it may well have been going out with my great aunt, “Auntie”, on my birthday in Lubbock and buying a 45 or two with her birthday money she’d given me. Without doing much research I think my purchase included The Charlie Daniels Band “America” as well as Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and maybe Billy Squire’s “Rock Me”.

Again, I won’t do the math on the the years, but that sounds about right when it comes to using my own “money”. Before that I talked my parents into many a fine record including the them to “Welcome Back Kotter” and much more. I had good parents when it came to music. We even had John Denver Live and Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack in our house!


So, what do y’all have for us today?


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  1. Walter “Dutch” Riggs hired me to mow his yard in 1984. He was our neighbor and had open heart surgery. He paid me $20.00 each week to mow his yard. With his money, I went to Hastings and bought the Van Halen 1984 album. I’m sure I could have spent his $$$ better but Panama is still my “first” favorite song! David Lee Roth is still the only lead singer for Van Halen… IMO!

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