10/31/23: Tuesday’s Best – Halloween Candy Rankings, Texas Tech Vs TCU Thoughts Of QBs, Tuesday Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Lubbock Ghost Stories, Texas Rangers Fans, Gundy Bedlam In Fansville Plus Busy West Texas Hummers. Happy Halloween From Raiderland!

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. When the doorbell stops ringing tonight, treat yourself to some Domino’s Pizza! Or have them deliver and you can tip them in awesome candy bars!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re just two days away from Red Raider football. Man, that still doesn’t make sense when we say it out-lout, but sure enough it’s true. Tonight on the Daily Broadcast will look at how big an impact you think Texas Tech QB Behren Morton will have in his return. What does he have to do to give Tech a chance to beat TCU? Big night passing or just stay out of bad plays and let Tahj Brooks do the damage? It’ll be a big Halloween show so don’t miss it at 6:30ish Live on Facebook, YouTube and whatever we call Twitter now…. Plenty of choices so make one tonight! Before the ghouls arrive to take your stuff.

Tuesday’s Best

Each Tuesday we give you a topic and you give us two great examples. Today we combine that with The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Hat-Tip Food Network) and ask you to Power Rank The Best Halloween Candy Bars All-Time.

You only get two, so choose wisely. Also, the key phrase might be Halloween. Or not. It’s up two you. So get to ranking!

Raiderland Hot-Links

We were light Monday morning coming off the flu stuff. Hopefully we make up for it this morning with a slew of interesting things for you to enjoy. If you see something during the day, send it our way. Everyone here in Raiderland probably has a few similar tastes and might enjoy the same things that get your attention. On with the show!

A little Lubbock and Texas ghost stories. Got any haunted tales for West Texas, share it on our show tonight or post in the comments.

John Candy. On Halloween. Ok.