Two Smartest Guys in Lubbock Podcast

The Two Smartest Guys In Lubbock Podcast Featuring Chad Hasty And Ryan Hyatt – Folks Who Are “Life Poor” And How They Fill That Void. Are You “Life Poor”?

We all know these folks. The key is making sure we aren’t one of them ourselves! […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From A Ketchup “Murder In The Kitchen” To How Early Is To Early To Decorate For Christmas, Plus Bum Phillips, Linus, Who To Trust And When And Old Boots – It’s What We Know On A Sunday!

Here’s what we know on a Sunday. #4 makes sense. Trust me! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast – 10/25/19 – Texas Tech Vs. Kansas Score Predictions, Why The Tech Line Moved This Week & How The Houston Astros Employ Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

A busy week deserves a great broadcast. Thanks to y’all, we had a great Friday Broadcast! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast – 10/21/19 – Are Texas Tech Football Fans Smart Fans? Worst Sports Punishments You Endured, Comments/Questions And More (Including Favorite Tech Bus Drivers )

Are Tech fans smart? Did you ever run bleachers at 1AM? Who’s the best bus driver in Texas Tech history? […]