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2/28/24: Overrated, Underrated, Rated Right Wednesday, Texas Tech Fan Learns A Lesson, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Mc On the Mic, Texas Panhandle Fires & Waylon Jennings

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Culture/WEST TEXAS/America

2/27/24: Tuesday’s Best, One Final Time Vs Texas, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Grant McCasland, Chicken Tenders, Maury Buford Gives Us More Cowbell And The Big 12 Is Really Good At Basketball

Brought to you in part by Lifts West in Red River, New Mexico. The snow is great and Spring Break is coming up. You know what to do! Call Billy and tell him Raiderland sent […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast: Texas Tech Baseball Rolling, Who Gets Your Helmet Stickers Today, Why We Gotta Ban Court Storming Plus The NCAA Is Dead – Thank You Tennessee…

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. Monday are better with pizza. Get some today! We got a lot to talk about tonight. So let’s get to it. See y’all Tuesday on the site.

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2/26/24: Helmet Sticker Day, Texas Tech Baseball Rolling, Horns Coming To Town, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring 182 Texas Rangers Homers, The BT Express, Bonanza Theme Song Has Lyrics & Butch Hancock Live

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. It’s Monday. Pizza makes Monday better. It’s science. Happy Monday, y’all! Time to crank out the final week of February. We’ve got 75 degrees this week in […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday: If You Don’t Know Texas History – You Don’t Know American History… John Wayne’s “The Alamo” Is A Crap Movie…A Certain Lubbock Tex-Mex Place Is Overrated And If Your Dog Bites 25 Folks-Your Dog Doesn’t Suck… You Suck As A Dog Owner…

Presented by the Shropshire Agency in Lubbock. Independent. Like all great West Texans! 5 Things We Know On A Sunday Hyatt