4/1/24: Helmet Sticker Day, Texas Tech Baseball Hosts Stanford, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Texas Rangers Baseball, A Border Collier And The Bangles

Brought to you in part by Domino’s Pizza. No more Easter Left-Overs! It’s time for a little pizza!

Happy Monday Y’all !

Hopefully everyone out there had a great Easter Weekend. Always a great time for renewal; and a chance to refocus on things.

That could go for the Texas Tech Baseball team right now. After dropping a series at UCF this weekend where offense was hard to come by, Tech now gets ready to host a Stanford team that is way down this season. It’s rare to say this is a team Tech should sweep, but this is a Stanford team needs to sweep at home this year. They would be bad losses.

Meanwhile, over in the transfer portal for basketball, Pop Isaacs and Robert Jennings made it know they’re, if not flat-out leaving, exploring their options. I can see the Isaacs deal. Probably mutual at this point between him and Texas Tech Head Coach Grant McCasland. Given Isaacs off-court legal issue and his father’s health, he might be looking for either something closer to home or just a change of scenery.

Who knows.

As for Jennings, he played a big role down the stretch and I think he could still play a large role for Texas Tech going forward, even as talent is upgraded around him. So, you just never know what the exact motivation is for a player. Sometimes, they just want to leave. Now they can. In the past they were stuck and the coach was stuck with a player that didn’t want to be here. So, everyone wins in my opinion with the portal.

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Raiderland Helmet Stickers

Each Monday we recognize greatness where we find. Sports or otherwise. There are many helmet stickers, but only one Raiderland Helmet Sticker! Who gets yours this week, sports or non-sports?

Here’s a few of ours.

  1. NC State Wolfpack. Gotta do it. Hate they eliminated Texas Tech but in a year where UCONN is running away from the field and Purdue seems a worthy second best team most days, glad we have a good story to keep us tuned in for another week of college basketball.
  2. Really Good April Fool’s Jokes. They don’t exist anymore for the most part. The internet ruined. No we assume everything is FAKE!

Those a re of ours, now post of few of yours and we’ll talk about them tonight on The Daily Broadcast.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We see stuff we like that we figure you’ll like so we serve them up fresh each morning to ya! Enjoy!

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