One More Podcast

The One More Podcast Featuring Carl Johnson, Bill Berman, Stevie Shrimp & Ryan Hyatt: Us Being Us! Berman On QB Contracts, The Crazy Kyler Murray Deal & NFL Teams Held Hostage By Bad Biz. Jic-Jac’s Vegas Memories & Did Hyatt Get Into Stevie’s Gummies??? We Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Enjoy And Share!

This week’s One More podcast gets into the value of QB’s vs NFL Salary Cap Percentage. We look at the Kyler Murray deal, the ”homework” provision and what it means on their win total and […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast(Not Available In Virginia): Do You Trust The Sports Media When It Comes To Conference Realignment???? You Win MegaMillions, What Do You Buy? Is SDSU Really A Candidate For Big 12 Expansion? (no).

It’s a show that you watch and enjoy. Fact. […]

Allen Corbin

Is Utah Serious About College Football…? Now’s The Time To Put Up Or Shut Up. Go Big Or Go Drift Around The West And Win MWC Titles. …

Is Utah Serious About College Football?  There’s been a lingering question amongst those in the College Football world that should be asked by those who cover the Pac 12. Sadly, those questions won’t be asked by […]

Big 12

Three Things The Big 12 Has That The Pac 12 Doesn’t Have Right Now And Why The Big 12 Can Take Or Leave Pac 12 Schools . . .

Brought to you in part by our great friends in Raiderland at The Shropshire Agency, go vote for them for Best In Lubbock when it comes to Independent Insurance Agents! No matter what some national […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast (In Dolby Sound Where Available): What’s The One Thing You’re Most Sure About When It Comes To Texas Tech Football This Year? Where Would You Take Your Favorite Celeb To Eat In Your Hometown And What Do You Order? All That Plus Your Comments And Questions! Watch, Enjoy, Share With Friends!

Let’s go! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast(In Color Where Available): Pac 12 Will Tear Itself Apart This Week – Their Local Media Will Lead The Way! Big 12 Can Be Choosy, No Need To Expand. Biggest What If For Your Favorite Teams? Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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