4/26/24: Texas Tech Baseball Off To Kansas, Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring OSU Imitating Texas Tech ( Again), Mel Kiper, Frank Caliendo, Trains And Joe Ely On A DC 9 To Dallas

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Happy Friday, y’all!

We’re not in Lubbock anymore, and that hasn’t been a great thing for Texas Tech Baseball this year. Final three Big 12 series start today in Kansas and the Red Raiders are 6-8 on the road this year. If they want a 2-Seed in the NCAA Tournament, that has to change this weekend. I like what we’ve seen lately from Free and Robinson as a 1-2 punch to start the weekend on the mound. It will really come down to the bats and situational hitting (not bunting). You gotta go score some runs this weekend and make your life a little easier. We’ll look at that series and much more Big 12 Baseball tonight at 6:30 on The Daily Broadcast, LIVE on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Sign-up on all of our platforms so you never miss a thing!

Most Texan Thing

Each Friday, folks in Raiderland know what to do. Tell us The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week.

From big to small, everyone did something Texan. If not, run out real fast, do something and then report back in the comment section below. One thing all of you can do is share what we do here on Social Media. Now that’s West Texan!

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