The holiday season leading up to Christmas is a great time to do some research and freshen up on our knowledge of the holiday and there’s some great biographical information on the real Saint Nicholas, in my opinion, that doesn’t get talked about enough. There’s more to Nicholas than his annual breaking and entering of homes around the world and guzzling of Coca-Cola products.

  1. Saint Nicholas was in fact a real man and a leader in the early Christian church in the fourth century in present-day Turkey. 
  2. While a bishop, Nicholas became known for his work to save children from being sold into slavery. How did he do this? Nicholas would sneak around at night drop coins into the stockings of those children so they would be saved from slavery and stay with their families according to legend.
  3. Nicholas wasn’t always a jolly fellow. Just ask those who were at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. when there was debate on the Arian heresy. The heresy was propagated by Arius who was teaching that Jesus was a created being and not eternal as the apostles and early church father’s taught. Nicholas became so incensed that legend says that he pulled Arius by the beard and punched him.
  4. Saint Nicholas has his own day on December 6th and there’s several countries who observe this day to kick off the Christmas festivities. 
  5. The modern view of Santa Claus isn’t my favorite which can breed legalism into the hearts of children, be good for goodness sake etc. Being good shouldn’t be rewarded. Goodness is a gift from the God-Man born on this holiday we celebrate. 

Allen Corbin uses the coal from Santa Claus to cook some meat on his grill.  He also uses the garlic in his soul for some necessary seasoning.